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My Prayer

My Prayer was written by a young lady at our church for my daughter to sing at this year’s Kidz’n’Ministry Festival. I agreed to take the song and make a backing track for the festival.

I originally thought of all sorts of elaborate things to do with it, but it’s ended up as just piano and a highly reverbed cello, with a cymbal swell at the end. It began as a vocal and guitar demo recorded in our church sanctuary on 01/03/07. Here’s the diary to date:

2/6/2007 Recorded two takes of solo piano to form the basis for the arrangement. (1 hr)

2/8/2007 Began choosing phrases from between the two takes. Most of the way through the song (1/2 hr)

2/10/2007 Finished choosing takes for the lead piano, merged the remaining tracks and edited for baubled notes. Funny issue – lots of low Bbs and Ebs with a 1 velocity. Probably a keyboard issue. Wonder if there’s a way to automatically delete all notes under a certain velocity – I almost never play notes on purpose with a velocity less than, say, 30. Recorded and edited cello line. Used the cello from the Florestan String Quartet. (1 hr)

2/14/2007 Exported cello to Audacity to fade ending note. Don’t know why the reverb didn’t seem to affect the very end. Figured out how to use Synthfont to place the MIDI tracks into DXi and render them directly without first making audio tracks of them, but still don’t know how to apply effects (Will says you can). (1/2 hr)3/4/2007 Mixed down the piano and cello to a wav file and burned to CD for Bethany to practice. I decided to have Nicole (the author) come in and record a few backing vocals on the verses for the track.

03/17/07     Needed to change the key for Bethany. It was too low. We pitched it up from C to E. That’s about right in her strongest range. Stupid program locked up twice while mixing, but I got a rehearsal track for her. I’ll need to clean it up a bit for the performance. I don’t think that I’ll have Nicole over after all to do backing tracks – I don’t think that the song needs them. Have to think on that more.

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