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Production Diary and djembe Recording

So, I have decided to host my production diary on-line. You have probably gotten here from a link on my home page. If not, welcome, come on in and sit a spell. The idea is that I’m going to keep a running log of my music production projects here on my WordPress blog. Since I never ended up using it for family updates as originally intended, this seems like a reasonable use for it.

Anyway, here’s the plan. I will post an update when I work in my studio, with a description of what I accomplished, what stood in the way of my accomplishing it, and how I worked around it. Maybe others who are trying their hand at home recording will read what I’m working on and be inspired. Or will drop me a line and inspire me. I also intend to post the occasional article about technical subjects that I learn about on the way, like VSTs or soundfonts.

Since I have ongoing projects right now, and have been keeping my production diary in a spreadsheet, the first entry for each song will include all the diary entries up to date.

Today I met with two of my closest friends and we recorded samples of a djembe all day. For those who don’t know, a djembe is an African drum that can play a variety of tones. I’ve never come across a decent sample of one I could play with my computer, so today we started the process of making one.

It took nearly two hours to set the mikes up and get them dialed in. Once that was finished and we had full tummies (lunch), the actual recording went fairly quickly. We took 2-4 takes each of 6-15 samples of increasing volume of each of the tones the drum can make. The intention is to build a soundfont from these samples. More on soundfonts later.

3 thoughts on “Production Diary and djembe Recording

  1. Hi there.
    Can you tell me more about what microphones you used and where ypu placed them after 2 hours of experimenting please?
    ta Mike Jurado

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