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First entry for this song, so here’s the backstory:


Music and Words by Me (except Chorus – public domain)

Several years ago I was inspired to add verses to the old Chorus of Amen (you know the one – where you sing “Amen 5 times). I subsequently misplaced the sheet I wrote the lyrics on. When I finally rewrote the lyrics, adding a bridge, I saved them electronically several places.

2/22/2007 Created a first-take arrangement in Band-in-a-Box. Used the DrJohn Rock style as it’s the only one that’s even close. Wouldn’t mind adding some of those licks to my own playing. I’ll have to look at the MIDI file and try to learn them. Form of song will need to be adjusted, and the style can’t handle the half-measure chords in the chorus. It’s a start, however.

2/25/2007 Imported the BiaB arrangement into Power Tracks Pro Audio and began basic tweaking. This process is mostly practice at this point, since the arrangement will be changing as I add and subtract some measures here and there. I also started playing with AZR3 tonewheel organ synth. It has built-in percussion, vibrato, overdrive and a great leslie, and NO NAG SCREEN asking for money. This is a super organ simulator and I had fun playing with it today. Right now I’m using a 808 808 008 drawbar setting, recommended for gospel. I’ll adjust as I feel right about it. I don’t care the for organ part generated by BiaB, so I will eventually re-record it, once I learn how to play organ ūüėČ I also recodred a scratch vocal track, so that my critics can hear where I’m at. I don’t have a mic preamp, yet, so I have to import the track into audacity to pump up the volume and then EQ out the noise. So far, so good.

3/4/2007 Tweaked the form of the song in BiaB and re-imported to PTPA. Doubled the choruses and took a measure out here and there. (1/2 hr)

3/10/2007 Spent most of the time working on the clapfont soundfont. Then added the choir claps to the sequence. After adding the claps decided to go back and pan the claps around the stereo spectrum. Should be cool. Also got the mixer completely up and running this morning. (1/2 hr)

3/19/07¬†¬†¬†¬† Worked out the tempo for the ending. BiaB doesn’t do ritards, so I had to wipe out the last several bars and rerecord them with the gradually varied tempo. It took quite a few tries to get something that I liked and sounded natural. I think that I’m going to get my drummer from church to¬†give me a huge fill/swell for the ending and see if I can mix it in without making the drum track¬†sound too horribly synthesized. Also going to re-work the clapfont as the results as still less than natural-sounding. I’m off to¬†play with the Hammond until bedtime.

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