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Slice and Dice

I began slicing up the individual samples tonight. It’s going to take a while – two hours worth of work and I’m not quite 1/4 of the way done. I’m using a freeware program called Audacity to do the audio editing. It’s pretty boring work, but I observed something that was fascinating, and I thought I would report it.

So far I’ve completed the off-(left-)hand of bass and palm and their respective mutes. What I found was that the muted bass sustained longer than the non-muted bass. What?

Well, the sustain is a very small oscillation that continued until Ken lifted his hand from the drum head (which created an audible sound). The oscillation is not really audible, but it’s definitely there and regular in the waveform.

Lastly, I’m considering remixing the bass mutes with the main slider down about 10%. I’m ending up with quite a few samples clipping at the top end of each series. I’ll decide for sure after I listen to them – they may be audibly different. the clipping is short enough (<10ms) that it’s probably not audible, but since all the samples peak at 1.00 I can’t rank order them like all the others…

I probably won’t post again until the slicing and dicing is done, but until then I’m thinking about how I want to map these samples on the keyboard.

Any ideas?

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