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Finally Moving On

Last night I finally finished the “slicing and dicing” of the samples. I didn’t keep accurate track (I wish I had) of how long it exactly took, but it was on the order of 6 hours. This does not make it more likely that I will be doing the reverb-added version any time soon. I’ve put off the music far too much for this.

So, what is the next step? It’s time to assign the samples to the keyboard, and figure out how to set up the velocity switching.

In review, the djembe makes the distinct tones, Pa, the slap, Go, the tone, and Dun (Doon), the bass. Adding a variant for the off-hand we get Pa, Ta, Go, Do, Dun and Gun (Goon). We also recorded muted version of each of these (where the percussionist doesn’t remove his hand from the drum head, thereby not allowing the instrument to ring – although it does ring, just in a different way), and a variation on the slap where instead of lifting his hand straight up after striking the head, the percussionist continues the path of his hand down and behind the drum head.

Here’s what I’m thinking about for the layout of the keys (click to enlarge):

Key Layout

What I really need to figure out is how to assign the various samples in terms of key velocity – linking how hard the key is pressed to which sample plays. I’m thinking some sort of logarithmic scale weighted towards the top end. This is actually fairly self-serving because I play really hard and will otherwise never hear most of the samples.

My play is the play a but on the keyboard like I’m playing the djembe samples – maybe on a standard drum set congas – and see where the velocities lie. I’ll shoot for some soft playing and some more aggressive playing.

Thoughts are welcomed, as always.

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