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Pa and Ta Are In

A couple of quick things that I learned tonight – I can’t figure out how to delete samples from an instrument in Synthfont Viena – I accidentally imported all of the Go and Do samples twice. I e-mailed the creator to ask, but then found out that it is quite easy to do in Creative Vienna – just highlight the sample in the instrument and hit the delete key.

I also discovered an easy way to assign key range and root key in Synthfont Viena. In the instrument list right-click on “Global” and choose “Arrange Instrument Splits”. This brings up a dialog of all the samples in the instrument and a keyboard. You can left click and drag to select a range of keys for the assignment, and the right-click on a key to specify the root key. You should also be able to assign the velocity range from this screen, but I couldn’t get it to take – that is, I would assign the velocities, only to have them revert to 1-127 when I came back to the sample. This would be nice because you can do both the left and right samples at the same time, cutting the amount of work in half.

More tomorrow, hopefully. If I can get Gun and Dun done, I will have a completely playable instrument, and maybe can lay down a track on Bethany’s song.

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