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Da Bomb, or just a bomb

I got the next two syllables in on Tuesday night – Gun and Dun. I saved the soundfont and tried to load it into the Creative Soundfont manager. No go. I’ve had this problem before with soundfonts with very large single instruments. This one is around 50 meg right now.

This is annoying on several levels. First, I have loaded soundfonts much larger than this without any problem. However, the individual instruments are much smaller. This is a single instrument at 50 meg. Second, it’s been my experience that if the sound card won’t load the soundfont, neither will Synthfont. Finally, fixing this right is almost as much work as starting over from scratch.

Well, I have to get something done soon if I want to use this drum in my daughter’s backing track for Decatur, so here’s the temporary fix – I eliminate samples. First I’m going to take out everything below velocity 85, because I’ll never use that anyway.

If that’s not enough, then I’ll start pulling out samples where they are thickest until the darn thing will load.

The long term fix (and commercially viable one) is a bit more involved. I still want to maintain as many velocity levels as I can – the NS Congas are 645 meg with 40 velocity levels. Apparently the samplers that NS uses, namely Kontakt and HALion, can handle much larger file sizes.

So the first part of the fix is to re-mix the samples, this time with a gate to clearly delineate the end of the samples and silence the space between them. By using waveknife this time, I hope to make cutting up the individual samples much easier.

Then we’ll decide just how many velocity layers are really needed. I’m thinking more like 10-12 rather than the 18-25 I’m currently using. Remember, I’ve put in 6 of 14 notes and already run out of memory.

My next step, however, is to get this version working and make the backing track. I’ll post a sample when it’s ready.

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  1. What ever became of this soundfont? is it available anywhere? I could make extremely good use of a quality djembe soundfont right about now.

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