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Where have I been?

No, I haven’t forgotten you, or the music. Since my last post I haven’t done any producing or instrument design at all. What I have been doing is preparing for a concert. House of Worship will be in concert on Saturday, June 23, at the Zion Oaks Tabernacle in Creve Coeur, IL (just outside of Peoria). Here’s a link to the poster:

Anyone in the area is certainly invited to attend. Here are, however, a few interesting notes about my role in the concert…

We picked the songs in an interesting fasion. Each of us in the band submitted a #1, #2 and #3 song that we wanted included. We also submitted a list of others that were on our hearts. The #1 songs were given 6 points; #2, 4 points; #3, 2 points; on our heart 1 point, and original compositions were given 1 point. The songs were rank ordered by points and with a cutoff at four points we had roughly 90 minutes of music. Here’s the spreadsheet for song ranking:

Anyway, as the keyboard player, I needed to determine what sounds I wanted to use, and how to get them live. I started with two digital pianos – one borrowed Yamaha P90 for the piano sounds (which I use the most), and my M-Audio ProKeys acting as a controller for my woefully underpowered laptop via USB.

At the first rehearsal it became clear to me that this wasn’t going to work. I was driving a number of VST instruments with the keyboard, but the laptop just wasn’t up to the task. I couldn’t get the latency short enough to make the more percussive sounds useful without getting the crackling and dropouts that are the hallmark of too little latency…

However, for the sake of posterity, here is what I was trying to do (for the record, I’ve borrowed a Roland keyboard from church for the auxillary sounds). I was primarily going to use two VSTi’s, the ZR-1 tonewheel organ and Synthfont for playing soundfonts.

So, next week when the concert is over, it is my intention to get back to writing and producing. I post a wrap-up of the concert when I get the two-tracks posted over at

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