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Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting the Djembe

Finally, after almost a year hiatus, the Djembe soundfont has been rolled out. To recap, I had given up on it after getting far enough for my daughter’s backing track – still not very happy with the results.

Then, a fine independent producer doing a web search for djembe samples stumbles across my humble blog. He contacts me and says that if I finish the soundfont, he may well be interested in purchasing it.

Well, a paying customer was incentive enough for me. Together (him providing critique, me providing manhours in front of the computer) we got it whipped into shape.

The main changes that I made were making the soundfont mono and reducing the number of samples to 10-12 per articulation. The brought the font down to a more reasonable size. If I ever branch out into some form of sampler, such as Kontakt, I’ll bring the instrument back up to full size with 20 stereo samples per articulation.

All in all, I’m happy with the way it turned out. You can check out the web page or order a copy of it here:

Djembe Soundfont

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