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Update on Be Thou My Vision

My sainted Grandmother has come through. The other lyrics that use the same melody as Be Thou My Vision is “Lord of All Hopefulness” by Jan Struther. Now, the interesting thing that I didn’t know from my earlier research that the melody also has a name. According to the Wikipedia article on “Lord…”, the melody is called Slane, which is also a village in County Meath in Ireland.

An interesting tie-in to Slane, from the Cyberhymnal: “Slane Hill is about ten miles from Ta­ra in Coun­ty Meath. It was on Slane Hill around 433 AD that St. Pat­rick de­fied a roy­al edict by light­ing can­dles on East­er Eve. High King Lo­gaire of Ta­ra had de­creed that no one could light a fire be­fore Lo­gaire be­gan the pa­gan spring fes­ti­val by light­ing a fire on Ta­ra Hill. Lo­gaire was so im­pressed by Pat­rick’s de­vo­tion that, de­spite his de­fi­ance (or per­haps be­cause of it­), he let him con­tin­ue his mis­sion­ary work. The rest is his­to­ry.”

I haven’t been working on my own music lately. I’ve spent my time working on mixing the first Lullaby by Nicole White, the talented young lady from earlier posts, and a synth line for another friend’s song. Most of the time is being spent on the lullaby – I’ve comped all the performances together and done most of my mixing. Now I’m contemplating adding a flute line to the rather spare arrangement, and playing with pitch-correction plugins. More on that soon.

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