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Family Photo

Family Photo
Family Photo

Well, when the Tenor arrived, I started a post about that, complete with a photo of my three recorders. As I was writing, I mentioned that there was one more recorder – the sopranino, and maybe I should get one of those, as well.

Yeah, well, as I wrote that, I surfed over to Ebay to see just what a sopranino cost, and I bit. So, the sopranino arrived yesterday. Today I got a thumb rest for the Tenor, and decided it was time for a family photo.

For the uninitiated, recorders come in some six flavors, although the two largest, the bass and contra-bass, are very expensive. The other four, as seen above from longest to shortest, are the Tenor, Alto, Soprano and Sopranino.

The key of the recorder is determined by the note when all holes are covered – the lowest note the instrument can sound. For the Tenor it is middle C and for Soprano it is C one octave above. The Alto and Sopranino each start at the F above the next lower instrument.

So, please forgive the lousy picture of me and feast your eyes on a consort of recorders.

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