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Said Goodbye to an Old Friend Tonight

image002I tuned the Yamaha grand at church for the last time tonight. Even if the gentleman coming tomorrow to look at it doesn’t buy it, it shouldn’t need to be tuned again before it’s sold.

I’ve never been attached to an instrument before, and was somewhat taken aback by my emotions tonight as I tuned it. I’ve played better pianos – at Piano People in Champaign where I worked for a year I had the privilege of playing some of the finest pianos in the world – freshly re-built Steinways from the 20’s and 30’s. But, they came and went out the door. I started playing this piano in 1997, shortly after we started attending.

I’ve lead a lot of worship services from this piano, and played a lot more. It graced the cover of my first CD (although, ironically, was not heard on it) and was what I played on my second CD (the live worship one). As the church piano tuner for a decade I have tuned this piano more times than any other instrument by an order of magnitude (possibly two). I’ve also replaced nearly a dozen broken bass strings (none since we got the personal in-ear monitors, though. Possibly connected…)

But, times change. The church changed it’s vision for praise and worship, and the piano was set aside for a digital keyboard. It’s spend the last year off to the side of the platform on the floor. The musical style changed and I moved on to children’s ministry. I haven’t regularly played any piano for over a year, now.

The church offered the sell me the piano at a discounted price, but we’re still in the “Debt Snowball” stage of Financial Peace University, and could only have afforded roughly a third of the already low price.

I have to say, though, the saddest part of the evening was when I played the piano after tuning it. Not that playing it was that sad (kinda). Rather, I couldn’t believe how much of an edge had come off my chops in the last year. I’ve got to find an excuse to start playing regularly again.

5 thoughts on “Said Goodbye to an Old Friend Tonight

  1. Rob,
    I am sad.
    I’ve recorded myself and Elisa on that piano.
    All I can say is: let’s watch the pendulum swing…

  2. Rob this is Erik Coon…

    I teared up reading this post… It is a shame that piano is being abandoned and gotten rid of… and it is sad that it is THAT particular piano… I myself have fond memories of worship services you and others have led on that fine instrument… it will be missed…

  3. I was saddened by your post. Sorry to hear of the change. I hope you can find solice in the fact that you were and are a very annointed musician and I believe that it will not be the last time you are behind a piano like that. Be blessed my friend!!!

  4. Rob,
    It is always difficult to say farewell to a cherished friend, no matter that it is a piano. I hope that it is going to a good home where it will be played a lot.

  5. How sad that they are moving away from the piano. I wish Corey and I had a place big enough for it. How neat would it have been to own the piano that he played on for so many years and that was used in our wedding. Better to be sold and played then left unused and dusty.

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