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Production Update 8/27/09

Lots of news – unfortunately, none of it includes an up and running new music computer. That might change this weekend – stay tuned for future posts.

Praise to the Lord the Almighty – Long term readers will remember this as a piano solo that my daughter played a few years ago. I heard an orchestral accompaniment in my head that I wrote out and recorded with Finale and the GPO instruments. At the time she had no interest in playing along with the accompaniment. She had performed the piece long before I had finished the track, and didn’t want to go back.

Well, now she’s changed her mind – only two years later! However, I now need to go back and recreate the track. I have the Finale file, but I’m on a new laptop and the desktop doesn’t have the guts to do the job. I’ve reinstalled the samples on the laptop, but it will take some work and balancing to get back to where I need to be – especially because I want to improve on the original!

In live gigging news, my buddy, Will, has invited me to join him in a duo concert appearance at a local mountain bike rally. He played solo last year and did a great job. I’ve started thinking about what we would do, but since I mostly run in church and kids and kid’s church music circles, I don’t know too much music that will appeal to the mountain biker crowd. Still thinking, though.

Been spending some time on Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded lately. I’ve been tracking the various instruments, and Wednesday night I finished the lead trumpet all the way through. The way I’ve been working has been to track in only the lead instrument in each section, building the song from beginning to end. As I finish each line I go back and edit, and then line up the tempo track with what I played. I supposed I have a third of the second trumpet tracked, as well.

I can’t wait to get GPO4 installed on my new music computer to work with the SAM Brass samples. I’m going to give another shot to the music computer this weekend. So far, Windows 7 has caused the Blue Screen of Death, and Ubuntu Studio gives me DVD read errors. Dad’s coming by and is going to bring an extra copy of XP Pro that we’re going to give a shot. If that doesn’t work, the computer goes back to the guy I got it from to see if he can make it work. He used to build computers for a living, so he’ll probably have more luck, but it will cost me free piano work. I’m still jazzed about Windows 7, though. I’ll detail the music computer when it’s up and running.

Lastly, the new music computer is the main reason that I haven’t finished This is My Father’s World. I need more hard disk space, and the new 500G drive is sitting in the music computer, waiting to be accessed… that and I want to use some of the new sample libraries on it and they won’t load into the old desktop – because there’s not enough hard disk space!

Postscript: why can’t I keep an mp3 player working? My third one, and second iPod, stopped working Wednesday night. I dropped it 12 inches onto a carpeted floor and now it won’t turn on, reset or synchronize. I frankly love my iPod, and have grown quite addicted to podcasts lately – listening as I ride my bike. Hopefully it won’t be down for long!

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