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Production Update 10-01-09

Head 0930From the screenshot, you can see that all the instruments are present and fully accounted for. Compare to the last entry and you can see the progress. The rest of Horn 2, Trombones 1 and 2, Bass Trombone and Tuba have all been tracked.

Looking at the bottom two tracks, the Bass Tbone and Tuba, you can see that they are each one solid take from beginning to end, unlike the earlier tracks that are all broken up into multiple takes.

Before starting this recording, I hadn’t played my WX5 regularly for nearly six months. I was rusty, and the recordings showed that. By this time, I could make it through the entire track without having a train wreck so bad that I had to stop and start over. Granted, they require a fair amount of editing when I’m done.

The super part about MIDI is that I can go back and change notes, note lengths, attacks, even volume over time by editing the MIDI data. I’m not where I can create a screen-shot of that process right now, but I’ll get one and explain it so you can see what I’m doing. We’re also getting closer to an audio example, I hope.

Quick music computer update (yes, I’ve lost count how many months have passed since I first started this odyssey): I determined that the reason I couldn’t install an OS on the machine my friend gave me is because one of the memory cards was bad. I got them swapped around and loaded up Windows 7 with no problem. SATA drive worked, DVD drive worked, USB2 ports on the card worked. But, I couldn’t get the audio output to smooth out. I tried the Windows 7 WDM drivers that others have reported good luck with, and I tried my standard ASIO divers, but everything gave me dropouts and crackles no matter what latency setting I used.

Eventually I gave up and made that the kid’s Internet computer. I swapped the SoundBlaster card into it and gave the kids full admin privileges so they could install their games. Not sure what I’m going to do when the free Windows 7 install concludes in March. I don’t think they would like to move to Linux – too many of their games probably won’t work.

Anyway, the Dell has a better processor than the new (old) computer, and I’ve successfully been working on it for several years, now. The down side is that it will still serve as our home network server, and still have an Internet connection. Someday, when I have money…

Just to let you know, though, Dell’s are terribly incompatible. With what? Lot’s of stuff. A couple of years ago when I tried to install an Emu sound card, I could never get it working. More recently, the SATA card would not work with the Dell. I suspect it is their proprietary motherboard. Well, I returned the SATA card and ordered a SATA to IDE adapter, which should arrive today. It will slow my throughput, but I expect not so much that it’s unusable.

If it works, you will be the first to know (after anyone in my house, of course). This entry has turned out much longer than I expected, and if you are still with me, congratulations. Now, go out and get a life.

Seriously, thanks and see you next time.

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