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My daughter asked me a question recently (I don’t remember what it was) that prompted me to take a look at the music projects I currently have on my plate. Wow, there’s a lot of unfinished work, and even more that is planned and not started. I thought it might be fun to review it here – I’ll put it down in the order to the nearest to being finished to the furthest.

One Way – even though there is one piece closer to being finished in a physical sense, this one will be done first because I’ve decided it will. I have to finish editing, then mix, and then align it to the video. Then my daughter and I have to come up with some moves and I can use the video in church with the kids.

The other track I recorded with the kids is Let the Praises Ring. That one will probably wait until Fall, after we’ve learned all the new music for VBS and hopefully I’ve knocked out a few more from my list.

My Father’s World – This one’s actually the closest in terms of work left to be done. That is, provided I decide not to re-record any of the tracks, all I have left to do is mix and publish it. It is next on my list after One Way.

Another track from my upcoming project is Going Home. This one has a slightly more convoluted path. After being disappointed with my attempts at a soprano sax solo during the final two choruses of the song, I hooked up with a friend of a friend who has played sax for many years. Unfortunately, after taking over a year to schedule the session, it didn’t work out so well. The poor guy had played live for longer than my father has even been alive (to say nothing of me) but has never recorded. He was so nervous that we never really got anything usable. I’m back to trying to come up with something on my own again.

Two more hymns from the project are the Peace Medley, including the Prayer of St. Francis and Let there Peace on Earth, both requested by my grandmother, and O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. I’ve been working on reharmonizing the Peace Medley for fingerstyle guitar and the other for Men’s Chorus and Handbell choir, and have made progress, but not worked on them for some time. I’m also working on a lively version of Lord of the Dance for fife and whistle, mountain dulcimer and percussion.

The remaining tracks from the project that are started mostly include piano interludes. They’ve all been begun, but need development and writing. I can hear the prelude in my head, but I need to take the time to write it all down and record the darn thing.

In a recent post I described an exersize I completed for my new Garritan Strad and Gofriller instruments. It was an adaptation of Bach’s first prelude in C with the Ave Maria by Charles Gounoud. I intended to do anther exersize that would really put the Strad through it’s paces, and that is the Gavotte from Bach’s Partita for solo violin in E-Major. A good friend used to play this all the time on her violin so I know well how it should sound. Lots of double stops and other musical devices that should make this interesting. I’m still going to do it.

One other string piece I’m working on is a string quartet version of the ballad When You Believe from the movie King of Egypt. It was inspired by a forum submission at the Garritan forum of an arrangement of All I Want of You from Andrew Lloyd Weber‘s Phantom of the Opera. It’s partially arranged.

I also have several songs that I’m working on. Sedona is a prog-rock suite with lyrics by my friend, Deb Collet. She also wrote lyrics to a song called I’m Not Waiting, which I hear as a modern electro-pop song, like what the Disney-pop is putting out right now. Sedona is about half-written, I’m Not Waiting is about half-conceived.

For my own songs, I have two that are written and require demo (or better) recordings. One is the gospel-influenced Amen, and the other is the folk-ballad The Old Bethel Church.

I’m also working on some other people’s music. The son of a friend wrote a suite of symphonic band pieces while in high school, but has never heard them played by mature musicians. I’m working on renderings of them. I also infrequently record a friend who has written, well, a ton of music. We’re recording her lullubies.

Finally, I have several someday projects. The first is that I really want to complete a musical that a friend and I started a bunch of years ago and then abandoned when our lives became busy. It’s set in depression-era Chicago during Christmas with a swing score, and designed for churches to use.

The other someday project is that I would really love to take Gustav Holst‘s The Planets and arrange them for jazz orchestra. Someday.

I guess I better stop blogging and go make music!

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