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Eyes of a Child

Whilst I was perusing YouTube this evening, I stumbled across something I didn’t know had been posted – Eyes of a Child by my buddy and occasional collaborator, Will. The song is a few years old, but he just put it to video. This song is special to me because it was one of the first true collaborations we did together. Previously we had contributed to each other’s songs some, but this one (aside from the lyrics) really was a group effort.

I won’t go into it too much since Will covers the process nicely on his website: but let me add the following thoughts:

I really love the interplay between the guitar and piano in this song. After I took my first stab at a part, Will told me I had completely changed the direction of the music and he had to figure out what he wanted to do with it. We ended up getting together for some rehearsing and ultimately sat down together to record the track free-time (no metronome). This allowed the music to breathe as we felt it.

The second thing I noticed listening to this video is how nice the piano samples sound. Will had recently purchased Akoustic Piano from Native Instruments. It has since been discontinued by NI and replaced with their Classic Piano Collection. I remember at the time thinking “Yeah, I guess this is nice.” Listening now, with some perspective, it’s really blowing me away.

The Future

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I promise that the blog is not dead. I’ve been fighting an interface battle that I think I’ve about won. Some time next week I will know if I am truly triumphant, and will post about it then.

Second, I’ve been putting off a large and detailed post about a mix I did along side Will of his most recent song, Beyond the Horizon. I cannot finish my mix of the song until I have this interface dilemma resolved. The post is mostly complete, so as soon as the mix is complete, I will be able to post shortly thereafter.

I am also still working on the next post in my Dream Studio upgrades series – I have just been feeling unmotivated while I’m fighting with my computer. I also updated my website and that was a draining exercise, as well.

Lastly, I’ve dove back into my own music, and have been finishing up writing Simple Gifts. I’m trying to figure out how long I want to extend the end section, which has a strong Irish reel feeling. I’m probably a month or two out from recording, but will be moving house in that time, so maybe it will be well into the summer. At any rate, I’ve not stopped, just slowed a bit.

All for now…


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