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Recording Session: Recorders

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve now had the second of some 5 recording sessions I have lined up this summer and into fall, all in support of my current project. Session one was my Appalachian lap dulcimer, this session was my recorders

In the shot to the left I am playing my soprano recorder – it’s made of applewood and I love it. It actually came free with my alto recorder, and I like it the most of the whole family. The mic is my new MXL V69.

In the second picture I’m recording my sopranino, or descant recorder, with my Apex 215 dual ribbon. I also recorded a full set of takes with the MXL condenser mic, but that pairs a bright mic with a very bright (even shrill) instrument. The natural high end warmth and roll-off seemed a better match with the bright recorder, helping the two to blend. As of this writing I haven’t had the chance to critically compare the two recordings, so I will report on the results as an update to this post once I have.

Next, recording a violin/fiddle on Sunday. Can’t wait!


I have listened to both sopranino recordings with a friend and we both agreed that the recording with the V69 blended better with the soprano track. As you can see above, this is not the result I expected. Now to comping and editing…

Update 2:

Here’s a screenshot of the recorder takes. The top clips in blue are the soprano recorder, which plays the main melody of the song. The green clips below are the sopranino recorder into the same mic (the V69), and the mauve clips are the sopranino again but into the Apex 215. The descant part is a short interlude in the middle and the longer reel (my bad, it’s a jig) section at the end. The mauve track will be muted because I ended up liking the descant part recorded through the V69 as a better blend with the soprano.

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