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Father’s World Video Posted

FathersWorldVideoI have just posted a video of This is My Father’s World. The audio is a new mix incorporating violinist (and good friend) Dena Gaddie. I’ve also incorporated some new tools that I picked up for my birthday back in November, ValahallaRoom reverb and State Digital RC-Tube plug-ins. 

The video is a screen capture of Finale playing the score for the piece. That started out as a bit of a trial, but in the end I got CamStudio to work for the screen capture, and did the editing in Windows Movie Maker 6 (don’t bother upgrading past 6 – Microsoft removed a bunch of functionality in the name of “user friendliness” that made the program unworkable for even the simple stuff I wanted to do). The CamStudio capture isn’t quite as smooth as the original on the screen, but from the various options I’ve tried I think it’s the best I can get for freeware.

So, here it is, This Is My Father’s World.


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