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Best of the Web 8/4/13

Keyboard Magazine

Five Things To Know About Getting the Most from Mastering your Music
Five non-intuitive tips from master mastering engineer Greg Calbi

MixCoach Minute

How to make a vocal sound double-tracked with one source
In this video, Kevin Ward gives at least 4 different ways to make a vocal (or background vocals) sound double-tracked.

Essential Secrets of Songwriting

Getting Chords in the Right Order
Gary Ewer talks about why some chord progressions work better than others, or not at all.

10 Chord Progression Questions and Answers
Really more about reading and manipulating chord charts, but there is some good, beginner stuff in here.

The Pro Audio Files

How to Succeed as a Free-Lance Audio Engineer
Tips for going solo from someone who’s done it.

How to Create a Pad Using Reverb
Quick tip – how to create a pad from any sound


A Quick Tip on Mixing a Stubborn Bass Line
An alternative to parallel compression.

Modern Mixing

Why Less is Always More
Three non-conformist mixing tips – filters, compressing and EQ

Mental Floss

Do Records Really Sound Warmer Than CDs?
While the article is short on science and long on opinion, the comments are worth the time.

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