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Best of the Web 8/22/13


Demagnetizing The Mix (Part 1)
Demagnitizing the Mix (Part 2)
A creative approach to identifying a common mix problem.

Mixcoach Minute

How I Use Stereo Widening Tools (Video)
Hint – Cautiously…

DIY Musician

How Musicians Make Money from YouTube
How to collect ad revenue and sync licensing from YouTube.

The Pro Audio Files

4 Steps for Unpacking the Producer’s Rough Mix
How to interpret the producer’s mix to create a great product that reflects his vision.

The Big Picture Music Production Blog

7 Drum Replacement Tricks
Excerpt from Bobby Owsinski’s The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook.

The Pros and Cons of M/S Recording
Excerpt from Bobby Owsinski’s upcoming The Recording Engineer’s Handbook.


4 Aspects of Successful Lyric Writing
An insightful investigation of Mechanics, Idea, Emotion and Verbiage as related to writing song lyrics.

The Pro Audio Files

The Complete Guide to Mixing Vocals: EQ
The Complete Guide to Mixing Vocals: Dynamics
Randy Coppinger provides detailed insight into these two mixing tools when working with vocals.

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