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CD Release Update

Calendar ClipWow, we are beginning to round the corner to the home stretch. If you’ve followed these posts about writing and recording Moments With Him, you know that I have only two tracks left to record.

One of the tracks, Peace Medley, is at my good friend‘s studio as he looks over the fingerstyle guitar part. I expect to get that back from him by the end of the month. The remainder of that track will be handled by me and consist of an Irish Whistle and cello.

The second track, O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus, is well underway. I have finished editing and mixing the handbell choir and laid down the first vocal tracks that will turn into the men’s chorus. At this point I need to create the practice CD’s and hand them to the various singers who will join me in this. Hopefully I will have everyone recorded by Christmas. Then I can edit, mix, add the solo panflute and call it good.

Once everything is recorded and mixed, I plan to go back and re-mix the entire album all in one go. I’ve accumulated some higher-quality tools (and several years of experience) since I began this process some 5 years ago and want the earlier songs to be as well mixed as the more recent tracks.

Once everything has been re-mixed and I’m happy with it all, then I will send the whole off to a mastering engineer to work his magic. Sometime during this process, probably early in the new year before sending off to mastering, I hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the final stages of the project. I hope to use it to fund the Mastering and initial run of CDs, and if any extra is left over, I plan to seek professional help… for my website!

So, when am I actually planning on having this project available for the general public to purchase? My original hope was Christmas, but that has become unrealistic. There’s just too much left to be done at the rate at which I work to make that happen. Talking about this dilemma with my lovely bride she asked if an Easter launch would be appropriate. Would it! So, we’re currently shooting for an Easter release of Moments With Him.

More to follow…

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