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Best of the Web 11/17/13

Discmakers – Echos

10 Mixdown tips for Aspiring Engineers
Good summary of basic tips for mixers.

The Big Picture Blog

5 Mic Placements Techniques for a Bigger Sound
Excerpts from Bobby Owsinski’s the Recording Engineer’s Handbook 3rd Ed.

Sonic Scoop

The Five Main Types of Reverb, and How to Mix with Them
Primer on reverb with overview of Room, Hall, Chamber, Plate and Spring reverbs, with their standard uses.

Production Advice by Ian Shepard

Lust for level – Audio Perception and the Battle for Great Sound
Video of presentation at AES about the Loudness Wars.

The Pro Audio Files

5 Advanced EQ Techniques You Need to Know
Covers M/S, Spectral Matching, Dynamic, Parallel, and Effects Returns.

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