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Seems like a long time since I began this project. I’ll recap a bit more thoroughly when I’m actually releasing, but, I’ve chosen a release date – Palm Sunday! Then I sat down, working backwards, to figure out what needs to be accomplished when. Here’s a quick overview:

In order to release by April 13 (Palm Sunday) I need to send out my Master and artwork for duplication by March 28. This means that I will only be fulfilling orders personally until I can get some units to my resellers, CD Baby and Amazon. That shouldn’t be a problem, as I plan to have my own web store up and running by then.

In order to go out for duplication on time, I need to send my tracks for mastering by March 14. For the uninitiated, Mastering is the process where I send my completed tracks to a professional Mastering engineer who uses his high-end equipment and highly trained ears to put the final touches on the CD as a whole. I like the analogy that Mixing is taking all the individual instruments and voices and turning them into a song, Mastering is taking all the individual songs and making them an Album. I’ve long since known who I want to Master this project, Dan Kury. He has Mastered numerous Christmas CD’s over on the Northernsounds forum and done a wonderful job of it.

Prior to Mastering, I will be holding a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding resource, where creative types can get in touch with patrons who want to support their art. I’ll be posting about a dozen premiums for different levels of support, all of which will include, of course, a copy of the final CD. The Kickstarter campaign will run from February 17 through March 7, and I’m going to try to walk the line between letting everyone know about it and not being obnoxious about it. It’s important, though, as this campaign is how I will be affording the two above-mentioned steps.

Finally, also before I go to Mastering, I need to finish recording and mixing the album. I have one vocal track to record on the second to last song before I can finish mixing it, and then there is one song left to record. My good buddy Will is working on the guitar part right now, and when I get it back I can overdub the whistle and cello.

I have a little more cleaning up to do on the other tracks, too. Some of them I have new tools and want to remix the versions I did years ago – others I’ve decided aren’t quite complete and have added some new parts.

More to come… I’m getting excited!

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