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Bethlehem Suite 1. Handmaid

Handmaid BeginningWell, I finally stole some time away and forced myself to ignore all the e-mails and blog posts and do a little real writing.

A week or two ago I traveled down to Gates, NC, to meet with Carol Anne and her guitar player, Ronnie Lee, to work out the arrangement for her next song. More on that to follow soon, I hope. On the drive I was inspired with an original piece of music for the Christmas CD. The working title is Bethlehem Suite and it will be in three movements.

The first movement will be called Handmaid, and the opening lines of piano music can be seen in the screenshot above (click to enlarge). It’s just the beginning of a sketch at this point, but at various times I’ve heard large swaths of it in my mind. It will be very sweet and include the piano, a string section and sundry solo instruments to be determined later.

The second movement will be called Carpenter and will be more rhythmic with a bit of Middle Eastern feel. It will likely use more ethnic instrumentation and rhythm, but I’m not sure exactly where it is going to go, yet. So far it’s just a feel and a concept.

The third movement is even less formed (if that’s possible). It simply consists of a feel at this point – ethereal. It will probably be fairly ambient and will definitely include themes from a familiar hymn, although not in a direct fashion. I can hear the intro and some of the sound effects in my head, and I promise it’s not what you’re expecting. Right now the working title is On a Cold and Silent Night.

Hopefully more to follow…

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