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What’s New on the Pod

IpodsIn the past I’ve posted two articles about music recording and music business related podcasts. An unfortunate truth is that podcasts tend to be fairly short lived affairs and almost all of the pods I recommended in those previous two articles are no longer being produced. The happy exception to that is one my favorites, the AudioNowcast. Nine years strong they’ve added some new regular panelists – notably Bobby Owsinski the recording and producing author and educator; and Nick Peck, a sound designer/composer for Disney’s mobile apps division.

Speaking of bobby Owsinski, his involvement with the AudioNowCast has inspired him to start his own podcast, Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle. In each episode he starts with some industry news that he thinks his listeners will find interesting, and the bulk of the show is an interview with someone in the business. Bobby’s been interviewing people for years for his popular “Handbook” series, and is really good at getting to what we want to know.

SOSStudioA fairly new music business podcast is the SOS Studio Sessions podcast. Host Jordan Woods-Robinson is an independant artist and musician, and he’s also a Blue Man. His podcast is dedicated to the idea that all independent artists (music or otherwise) are entrepreneurs, whether they want to think that way or not. His podcast includes interviews with other independent artists that have seen a level of success, or people in the industry like publicists, who give us the lowdown on what we need to know and do. This one has become a must-listen whether I’m in the mood for business or not. And, I need to work on my EPK

UBKThe UBK Happy Fun-Time Hour is hosted by Kush Audio owner Gregory Scott and his head of customer service Nathan Schreier, who actually spends most of his time as pro mixer. At first Gregory comes off as a pretentious snob who takes nothing seriously, but once you get past that protective veneer, he is actually very engaging and extremely intelligent when it comes to music production, recording and mixing. He also has med respect for anyone engages in the War of Art, no matter what level they’re at. This has rapidly become one of my favorite podcasts and frequently makes me laugh out loud. I also learn a lot from his question and answer format, and in later episodes they’ve added a mix analysis that is one of the best features of any podcast, anywhere. Hopefully they will keep this up for a long time to come.

As a side note, I never really considered Kush Audio products before listening to this podcast, but now I am. So, even though it is not an obvious shill for his product line, it is having the intended effect of spreading the word – I’m now thinking seriously about giving the UBK-1 a try. BTW, apparently UBK stands for Useless Bunch of Knowledge.

HRWFinally for today, I want to mention a podcast that has been around for a few years, but is still going strong. Kern Ramsdell, the host of the Home Recording Weekly podcast (released every other week, by the way). He is a disabled vet who took up home recording as a hobby. He then decided to start a podcast to help spread what he was learning about his new favorite pastime. Since then, he’s started an annual songwriting contest with stupid great prizes donated by many big names in audio, and been able to earn some money mixing other people’s music and doing FOH for live shows. The format of the show is a mix of him rambling about what he’s learned recently and interviews with the major home recording educators, like Graham Cochrane, Joe Gilder, and David Glenn.

Speaking of Graham and Joe, don’t forget to check out their Simply Recording podcast, which features tips and tricks each month, and Joe’s weekly Ask Joe Q&A podcast, both of which are helpful and excellent.

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