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Rob Weber, Pianist, Songwriter, Arranger

Hi, my name’s Rob, and I make and record music. This blog is about that, and the occasional gear or CD review. Here’s a little about me:

I started piano lessons when I was six – that’s nearly 40 years now. After giving up lessons some time in High School I first started playing improvisational piano my second year in college. I had played a little french horn and alto sax through high school and college but didn’t keep up with them.

After college I continued playing piano in church, eventually joining a church with a full band. In the early 90’s my introduction to Contemporary Worship came through the Hosanna! sampler War in the Heavenlies. I was hooked and have been developing my chops ever since.

In 1996 I spent a year leading a worship team at a small church before I moved on and joining the folks I had replaced. Over the next 10 years I was either playing on or leading a worship team. One Saturday night in 2002 I was reading Psalms in bed when a passage from Psalm 47 inspired me. As I was singing along to the text in my head, I decided to run downstairs and see about writing it down. Several hours later (roughly 2 in the morning) I had completed my first praise song, Clap Your Hands.

Around this same time I had many people at church asking me if I would record some piano music for them. I borrowed a digital piano and recorded my first project – Moments of Faith. I still remember the night I took the photos for the album art – it was during halftime at a Superbowl party at church – the Superbowl of the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. I didn’t even know about that until the next day! That project was recorded all in Power Tracks Pro Audio sequencer.

Over the next three years I wrote another 12 songs. Some of them I used in a church setting, and through CCLI some of them have been used by other churches as well. In early 2005 I felt God’s call to record them in a live album. I asked my church for permission to use the Sanctuary to record the album in July (it was early February when this occurred) and was denied because the church was going to record their own worship album that year.

I felt God tell me to prepare anyway, but I didn’t. Then, three months later, the worship pastor up and left. A few weeks later I realized that meant the church wasn’t going to record a project, and my way was clear. With permission, I began preparing for what became one of the greatest nights of my life.

With the help of nearly three dozen friends, we rehearsed and recorded a live praise concert on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, 2005. A Concert of Praise contained 12 original songs and was, in my opinion, totally made by the efforts of my good friends. Not having the resources at hand, I had that project mixed and then mastered by others that I hired.

Since then I stepped down from adult worship ministry and taken up with the kids. I pretty much stopped writing, but had an idea for a musical project consisting of the Mannheim Steamroller treatment of classic hymns of the faith. I’ve been working slowly on that ever since.

I took a new job which took me across the country, and sadly said goodbye to the kids at my church. Ensconced in Virginia, we’ve found a new home church and I’ve felt the call back into adult worship ministry.

Over time I’ve also geared up a bit. I picked up Sonar as my main DAW, choosing it less on the merits of the program than on interoperability with a good friend who also uses it. I’ve added some microphones to the closet and picked up some fun acoustic instruments that I’ve taught myself to play just well enough to record the parts I need.

My third CD, Moments With Him, was released on Easter Sunday, 2014.

Here’s to the future!

4 thoughts on “Rob Weber, Pianist, Songwriter, Arranger

    1. Hi, Fred, glad you enjoyed the article. I lost some of my photos last year when I switched servers. I’ll try to locate them and post them. I can’t make any promises since the post is nearly four years old.

      That being said, I would strongly recommend a move over to the SWZ format – it’s open source and more powerful than Soundfonts.

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